How Can I Invest?

Anyone can invest in multifamily

There is a common misconception that only the wealthy or large companies purchase apartment communities. The truth is that most apartments are purchased using a syndication. A syndication is a group of regular people that pool their money together to buy multifamily properties with someone that sponsors and leads the project. Purchasing a project this way makes it easy for an investor with only a small amount of capital to gain all the benefits of owning an apartment building. Learn more about how investments work by speaking to us today.



Types of Investments

There are several ways you can invest. A surprising fact is only about half of our investors use cash to invest. About 50% of our investors use retirement funds to invest*. Self-directed IRAs (SDIRAS) or a solo 401k are great ways to access capital to invest in multifamily projects. We can help you understand the basics around investing with an IRA or 401k. Setup a call today to discuss your options. 

*consult a retirement professional for more info

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